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Anchor Lane

Conor Gaffney, guitarist and lead singer of Glasgow heavy rock band Anchor Lane, in concert at the Winterstorm Festival Launch Event, Troon, Scotland - February 2018. This event, held for a small crowd on a Sunday afternoon, was the launch event of the 2018...

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Down The Hole

‘Yes Sir, we know about that problem, we have a man looking into it right now’ Openreach are a company who maintain the telephone network in the UK on behalf of British Telecom and other phone companies. These 2 Openreach engineers were in Buchanan Street, Glasgow...

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Times Square Acrobatics

Some time ago I posted a photograph of an acrobatic performer in Times Square, NYC. This photo is another shot of the same group, this time at the start of their performance where they are trying to get passers by to stop and watch their street act. This type of...

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