Bat Boy

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

Bat Boy was an absolutely wacky, wonderful musical, from Durham University Light Opera Group, a university chock full with theatrical talent from the students and associated cast members.

Bat Boy is about a boy named Edgar who is half bat, half boy. The explanation, like the whole musical, was somewhat far-fetched but you had to be prepared to run with it.

The story revolves around the fact that Edgar is hated by the entire town as they believe that he has been killing their cows and also injured a girl. However, Edgar becomes educated and eloquent, winning the town over onto his side, but bubbling beneath it all. The darker subtext of the piece is that  Edgar’s adopted maintains a growing resentment that his wife loves Edgar in preference to him.

Lawrence O’Keefe’s score was performed well by the leads and there is an ample quantity of humour by the cast from the words of Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming.

There was not a happy ending to this play and the themes discrimination are clear for all to see but are relevant and were in the correct context.

A very worthwhile performance.

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