Occupy – Wall Street

I was in NYC on the day the “Occupy Wall Street” protest march began and was fortunate to be in the area when the main march passed.  This image shows the line of police drafted in to keep the peace whilst allowing people to go about their business as normal. The...

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The Prisoner

The exterior of the building at 1, Buckingham Street, London was used in the 1960’s tv series “The Prisoner” as the home address of the title character played by Patrick McGoohan. It is as recognisable today as it was back in the 60’s when the series was filmed. The...

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Underground – Life Going Down The Tube

Performed by four of dancers within a rocking tubular structure, Underground uses stunningly physical dance, emotional imagery and surprising aerial encounters to explore the new reality of train travel: the compressed intimacy of a crowded carriage; the crush of...

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