Don’t Over Indulge

The temptation to forget all your inhibitions at an outdoor music festival is all too easy a trap to fall into. The important things to remember are to stay hydrated, not to drink too much alcohol and to let your friends know if you are not feeling too well at any point.

This is before you even think about sunscreen if its a hot day, keeping warm and dry if it is wet and eating enough throughout the day and all the other things that go together with keeping yourself safe and well in a big crowd.

At the 2019 Party At The Palace in Linlithgow, Scotland there were not too many people who had over-indulged during the weekend and the man in this photograph was generally the exception to the rule. Shortly before this was taken he was bent double with what he had taken in during the day making a sudden reappearance next to the fence where he was standing.

Of course you should go and enjoy yourself, but its always worth remembering that you probably paid a lot of money for the ticket to see your favourite bands and there is nothing worse than not remembering a thing about it when you wake up the next morning feeling very sorry for yourself for having overdone it the day before.

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