Falling Off The Edge

Falling Off The Edge

As popular as ever, the skatepark at Kelvingrove, Glasgow attracts skateboarders, inline skaters, BMX riders and other wheeled sports to the area to meet, practice and show off their skills. As a social gathering point it allows people to form friendships with people they may not otherwise have met.

The skatepark has brought new people to the sport and has also witnessed the return of older people who now have children of their own who want to take up the sport.

These parents, the youth of old, now help their own children develop their abilities.

Kelvingrove skatepark is a large all concrete skatepark that features both street and transition elements. The skatepark features a double bowl on one side with a speed bowl and kidney bowl linked at one side. The rest of the skatepark features a large area enclosed by flat banks and bowled edges with stair sets, staggered ledges, bowled areas as well as rails and ledges, hips and raised levels.

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