Four Seasons In One Day

The delights of the unpredictable British weather.

This shot was taken on the first day of a 2 day at a music festival where the weather was apparently going to be horrendous for both days. Most people were sensible and turned up prepare for the worse which, on the first day, never arrived. The sun was splitting the skies and it was t-shirt and shorts weather all day other than one small period where the festival had to be halted for fear of a lightening strike on the stage area.

Everything was cleared from on stage and no performances were allowed until the threat passed. The crowd took it well and many had decided to put on their rain ponchos in preparation whilst others did not bother and took their chances.

Fortunately the storm passed with only a few flashes of lightening and some very loud thunder – but no rain. ┬áIt seems that Crowded House had it correct all those years ago with their song ‘Four seasons in one day’

Taken in Linlithgow, Scotland, during the Party at The Palace, August 2019

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