King No-One

King No-One

King No-One are a 4 piece band from Yorkshire, England and were formed in 2012.

The line up is: front man Zach Lount, guitarist Joe Martin, drummer James Basile and bassist Alex Townsley.

The name King No-One means everyone is born equal ‘No one is King’, no one should be born to more rights than other. The band say that they “have stories, opinions and beliefs and our way of expression is our art form which is predominantly; but not limited to, music.”

The bands music certainly speaks for its self with a handful of tracks available on iTunes and other streaming services, coupled with a UK tour and several festivals under their belts, it looks as if King No-One are here for the duration.

This shot was taken in Buchanan Street, Glasgow as the band were promoting their UK tour by performing street style busking gigs in the various cities they are playing.

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