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The recent trend of bands playing entire albums on tour, usually the one that made their name, is a popular choice amongst those of us that attend concerts and tonights concert by Living Colour affords us the opportunity to hear the Vivid album from start to finish as well as a few other selected tracks from Living Colours back catalogue.

Vivid was the debut album from Living Colour, released back in 1988 and reaching number 6 on the US Billboard charts and featured Mick Jagger on harmonica and backing vocals on a couple of its tracks.

Opening their set with Ignorance is Bliss from their 1993 album Stain vocalist Corey Glover, drummer Will Calhoun, guitarist Vernon Reid and bassist Doug Wimbish are the perfect combination of a band who remain calm and collected on stage, able to feed off each other with-out having to worry what each other is doing. 

Each member of this band clearly knows their part.

With little by the way of introduction, vocalist Corey Glover, resplendent in a shiny black jacket explains that the band will play Vivid in its entirety ‘starting now”.  The crowd are clearly up for this and as the opening notes of Cult of Personality ring out the excitement in the room visibly and audibly rises in expectation.

This track is perhaps the bands most recognisable and takes me, and I am sure others, back to the eighties though there are severall in the crowd who were clearly not around when this track was first released. So good is the rendition of this track that it is worth remembering that this is the track that won the band their first Grammy.

It is hard to follow this track and take things to a higher level so Living Colour adopt the attitude of sustaining what they have achieved so early in the set as the album tracks progress.

The crowd are with them every step of the way and the track Middle Men is particuarly well received before Open Letter (To A Landlord) gives the Glasgow audience the sing-along moment that we seem to excel at.

The other crowd favourite of the evening is What’s Your Favourite Colour which has some of the crowd dancing along to its infectious beat.

With Which Way To America the album set ends and it is clear that those of us in the crowd do not want this band to return to America anytime soon tonight. The patience is rewarded as Living Colour return to the stage to treat us to a coiple of songs from other albums before finishing off proper with Elvis Is Dead before leaving the stage for the evening.

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