I had the opportunity to shoot a project in conjunction with the Oddballs Foundation in support of raising awareness of testicular cancer in young males.

The OddBalls Foundation is a registered charity which aims to make a difference to male health all around the world and exists due to the sale of OddBalls products and donations.

The charity were kind enough to supply me with some underwear to assist in shooting the project whilst some of the images used custom printed underwear bearing a strong message.

Entirely shot in studio, I aimed to highlight the issue of testicular cancer by using bright and colourful imagery to get the message across but with the self-set proviso that there was no full nudity or shock tactics used.

The images were later exhibited as part of a larger exhibition over a 3 day period in Glasgow.

100% of all money donated to the Foundation is used to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer with there day to day running costs being covered by OddBalls as an underwear business. Every penny that is raised for the Foundation is used to spread the awareness of Testicular Cancer and nothing else.

The charity is quite rightly proud of the fact that every penny raised goes to raising awareness which is not something too many other charities can currently claim.

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