Pretty In Pink

I was chatting with some friends in Edinburgh and the conversation turned to a t-shirt one of us was wearing which had a reference to the well known film “The Breakfast Club”. I mentioned that whilst I liked Molly Ringwald in the film, I far preferred her in “Pretty In Pink” This has been one of my favourite films since my formative years.

I remember the night I saw it first and it was a regular Wednesday night trip to the cinema in Irvine, Scotland with my cousin Andrew and his friend Steph to see it. I was 18 years of age at the time. The films premise is one of love and social cliques in American high schools in the 1980’s and became something of a cult classic and is now commonly identified as a “Brat Pack” film.

Shortly after your conversation was over I walked round a corner just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and was faced with a performer from a street act spraypaintung a new pair of shoes bright pink.

Sometimes things just happen that astound you in the most unexpected manner. This was one of those moments.

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