New York

Most people never forget their first sight of New York City, whether it be the Statue of Liberty as you arrive by air or sea, the sheer size Freedom Tower or the splendour of Central Park, there truly is something for everyone in this most amazing of cities.

I usually stay with friends when in the city and have been lucky enough to have been shown around by them and to visit the parts of the city which are just off the beaten track that most tourists never get to see. That’s not to say that the tourist sights are not worth seeing, they are definitely a “must see” whilst in the city though over time you will desire to see things other than those you know from a TV show or a film.

Thats where the beauty of the very people who live in the city comes into its own. The surprise of seeing a man walking his dog through Times Square soon becomes the norm when you begin to appreciate that people actually live in the very areas that tourists frequent and that these places were not built solely for tourists to stare at and take photographs.

The everyday person going about their business, heading to work or just out for a walk – you can usually spot a real New Yorker. It has something to do with the way they are apparently oblivious to whats going on around them when, in actual fact, they are really acutely aware of their surroundings but choose not to react to it in the manner tourists do. Always polite but exceptionally direct, the residents of New York will help you if you need directions to somewhere but just be prepared for as certain bluntness and directness that only comes from living in such a heavily populated area where non residents often outnumber those who live and work there.