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Put Your Phone Away

It used to be the case where nothing was more annoying at a gig when someone, usually taller and broader than you, stood in front of you and partially blocked your view. This normally caused you to dodge from side to side to see anything the band on stage were doing or, at worst case scenario, squeeze into a smaller space in front of the person just so you could see anything at all.

Now it’s all changed and, with the advent of the mobile phone, everyone thinks they are a photographer. It’s not uncommon to go to a gig and see people who spend the entire time watching the event they have paid very good money for through the back of the small mobile phone screen they are holding above their heads as they video the show or continually just take photographs.

Now, I am not saying don’t take photographs. By all means take a few snaps on your phone or even a very short video clip if that’s your thing. Once you have done that, put your phone away and actually enjoy the event you have paid a great deal of money for.

It is not only you who wants to enjoy the show, the artist on stage probably does not want to look out and see thousands of mobile phone cameras pointing at them and, from personal experience, other members of the crowd who have now had their view completely blocked by the person just standing there holding their phone aloft, really does not want to see that.

Everyone has paid good money to get into a show and not everyone is fortunate enough to be 6ft tall or on the front barrier – people can’t see if you have your phone out for the whole show – just put it away and use your eyes to watch the show instead.

stock image by Pexels via Pixabay

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