The Prisoner

The Prisoner

The exterior of the building at 1, Buckingham Street, London was used in the 1960’s tv series “The Prisoner” as the home address of the title character played by Patrick McGoohan.

It is as recognisable today as it was back in the 60’s when the series was filmed. The title character of The Prisoner (the otherwise-unnamed “Number Six”) spends the entire series trying to escape from a luxury island prison community called “The Village”, and to learn the identity of his nemesis, Number One.

The Village’s administrators try just as hard to force or trick him into revealing why he resigned from his previous job as a spy, which he refuses to divulge. The location used for “The Village” was the Italianate village of Portmeirion in North Wales.

Number Six became McGoohan’s most recognisable character. Unfortunately, the role also became his prison: Number Six was so obsessively opposed to authority that whenever McGoohan later played characters who had anything to do with the concepts of individuality or freedom, the character was compared to his previous incarnation.

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