The Vermonter

The Vermonter

I have always enjoyed travelling by train. From the days of the 8 hour journeys from Glasgow to London on ancient rolling-stock that shook you to the core as it trundled along to the relative luxury of the latest European trains when travelling through the Austrian Alps and the services provided by Amtrak when travelling through America, the train has always provided me with an economical and pleasant method of travel.

Travelling on Amtrak in the US has never failed to disappoint and, unlike others who have experienced issues, it has always been a pleasing experience for me, the trains fast and comfortable and the recent trip on “The Vermonter” from Penn Station, NYC to New Haven was no different.

A large comfortable seat, good wi-fi and plenty of space to move around make all the difference.  The journey took around 90 minutes through firstly NYC then North East through beautiful countryside and small towns and villages before reaching my final destination. Arriving feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead makes all the difference. You don’t get that experience often when flying or driving, the train being the perfect alternative for a short journey.

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