The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank

The Very Grey Matter of Edward Blank

Taken in Edinburgh – August 2015

Edward Blank is extraordinary.  An exceptional literary talent and ghost writer, Edward Blank has the ability to change Mills and Boon into James Joyce before breakfast. His radical rewrites and astounding editing means that demand for his work is so great his letterbox clatters non-stop with tapes for transcription and Edward never leaves the solitude of his tiny magnolia flat.

But Edward is far from alone. Emerging from his fractured conscience is an anarchic family of imagined characters, each with a hook in Edward’s life that pulls him deeper into fantasy. Each day the circus begins anew and Edward seems happy in his ordinary-extraordinary existence until, one day, a voice on an audio tape changes everything.

Familia de la Noche create a hilarious, heart-breaking story of madness and lost love using their signature style of dark comedy, clowning, live music and storytelling.

Model – Abnormalik

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