Times Square Acrobat

Times Square Acrobatics

Some time ago I posted a photograph of an acrobatic performer in Times Square, NYC.

This photo is another shot of the same group, this time at the start of their performance where they are trying to get passers by to stop and watch their street act. This type of street act is common in Times Square and, along with the many other performers and attractions in Times Square, contribute to it being one of the most amazing places to visit when in the City.

The unfortunate downside of all the street acts is that it is hard to walk through the area without being hassled for money from many of the performers, in particular this applies to those who are dressed as cartoon characters and want money from tourists for having their photograph taken with them.

Fortunately the act in this photograph put on an amazing display and were very polite at the end when asking for money for their performance. they were not forceful and thanked people whether they gave money or not.

I particularly liked the way the performer in the foreground, whilst performing a handstand, appears to be framing one of the other performers a little distance away who is waiting for his part of the act.

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