Vintage Trouble

Ty Taylor – Vintage Trouble

Whilst clearing out the unused shots from the archive of gig photos I occasionally come across something that I had forgotten about that never quite made the final selections at the time. This is one of those photos and shows Ty Taylor, vocalist with Vintage Trouble during their recent gig at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow – March 2019.

Here we see Ty making one of his many trips over the barrier and into the audience at the gig.

Vintage Trouble are one of those bands that, from the second I saw them, I instantly liked and followed. Circumstances meant that I could not always go and see them when they played live near me but fortunately I managed to catch their show most of the time. The opportunity to photograph them was too good to miss and was a thorough;y enjoyable, though hard, experience. The reasoning for the use of the word hard is that its nigh on impossible to predict just what Ty Taylor will do next on stage, whether its stage dives or climbing into the crowd – he is a hard man to follow around and photograph.

I was fortunate in the access I was given at this gig and also had the pleasure of interviewing the band.

The original review and photographic article (without this shot) was published at Patchchord News

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