Who Let The Dogs Out?

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Taken in Times Square, New York City is surprisingly dog friendly for a large city.  

With many public places, shops and hotels welcoming people with small dogs it makes for a good place to take your dog for a walk.  Most cabs will accept small dogs and they are also allowed in the subway if carried or in a small container.

Whilst there are places, such as the 911 memorial site, which do not allow dogs on or near the area, I was pleasantly surprised just how many people with dogs I saw during a recent trip to NYC, particularly in the busier tourist areas such as Times Square and 5th Avenue.

‘There late numerous websites explaining the best way to walk your dog in the city and in the busier areas, all of which carry strong advice on how to protect your dog from harm and as to what restrictions are placed on you and your dog when out walking.

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